creativity is a journey...

performance is an adventure...

...and education is an art.

where will the arts take you?

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo

What we offer

Arts Detroit offers both group and private lessons in the performing arts, such as:

Voice Instruction

We encourage healthy singing habits for young, developing voices

Piano Instruction

We offer classically-based training to students as young as 4-years-old

Acting Instruction

We can work on acting technique, character development, script analysis, improv, and more

About Us

Arts Detroit began as a private music studio in 2005 and has since been brought under the umbrella of Center Stage Studios, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are currently located in Allen Park, Michigan.

Arts Detroit strives to give each student the opportunity to advance creatively as an individual. We hope to empower a student to find their inspiration and express it through their art, and to possess the confidence to do so. Additionally, to help each student understand, recognize and appreciate the unique and inestimable abilities they and their peers hold, as well as to impress upon and excite them to appreciate the fine arts.

As lifelong students, we hope to be able to give back all that we have learned, both as a unique collection of individuals as well as as a collective artistic unit, and to continue learning through each of our students. We believe we have been given an extraordinary opportunity to pass on all that the arts has given us, and watch as each student explores each note, each movement, each word, and each creative experience to find the perfect moment to create their own.

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What others are saying

Took lessons from Adriane for many years and would continue to recommend her to everyone. So much talent comes out of her studio!


Former voice student

Arts Detroit is top notch. If your child is interested in piano or voice lessons, come here! It feels more like a family than a business. Adriane is amazing!!


Parent of piano & voice students

My 13 year old has been taking piano for almost a year and we love it. They have a great relationship with the kids and my daughter has learned so much and really enjoys it!


Parent of piano student

Why study the arts?

Years of research shows that engaging in arts education has dramatic impact on learning and social skills, such as:

Math and science ability

Musicians who understand theory engage in subdividing beats and counting through rhythmic notation.

Language development

Musicians learn to be attentive listeners, a skill that enhances phonetics and fluency, allowing a child to expand their vocabulary and promotes word recognition.

Cognitive ability

When you listen or play music, the brain is actively engaged in spacial-temporal reasoning, increasing spatial and temporal reasoning.

Critical thinking

Creating a musical performance requires thinking procedurally during the performance, which requires reflection, metacognition, and procedural application.

Self discipline

Studying the arts requires practice scheduling practice sessions at preset intervals for specific amounts of time, which instills disciplined habits.


Involvement in the arts increases opportunities for self-expression and gives them a self of belonging within a specific community.

Want to study the arts in college?


Join The MT Project as we host a unique weekend for students preparing to audition for collegiate Musical Theatre programs. Students will gain access to MT programs across the Great Lakes region and perform their audition material a half dozen times or so throughout the weekend and receive individual feedback from each participating school’s faculty.

Students and their parents will also hear presentations from each program giving an overview of their school and what they offer, and each student will participate in a group dance call. Don’t miss your chance to participate in such a wonderful experience before your college auditions!

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College Theatre Audition Information Session

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 from 7-9pm in Allen Park

We will be holding an information session for students and their parents on what to expect if you’re going to audition for college theatre programs. This talk will cover:

– The pre-audition process & school selection
– What an audition coach is & why they’re valuable
– What to expect from your auditions
– How to select your audition material
– A Q&A session will also be held!

Use the form below, visit The MT Project’s website for more information, or email Adriane with any questions you might have.

We’re also interested in holding these talks for schools and theatre companies, and we’re happy to do them free of charge or will donate the money back to your program. Let us know if you’d like to talk more about us coming to you!


Cost: $5 per family

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What’s been happening at Arts Detroit?

Theatre Workshops in NYC!

Our students had the opportunity to attend Musical Theatre workshops in New York City in July, working with Broadway actors, directors, and more!

Texas State Audition Workshop

A huge thank you to Kaitlin Hopkins and Jim Price from the Texas State University Musical Theatre Department for coming out to work with our students to help them prepare for their college auditions! It was an amazing experience!

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