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We believe creativity is a journey, performance is an adventure, and education is an art.


Where will the arts take you?

Music Education


We offer voice and piano lessons taught by professionals who want to help you grow and learn.

Acting Education


Learn from working actors and directors to become more connected to who you are as an artist and discover what makes you unique as a performer.

Dance Education


Arts Detroit is excited to begin offering a dance program later in 2018. Stay tuned for updates!

College Audition Coaching


Getting into college for theatre and musical theatre is extremely competitive. We're here to help with every step of your audition, from material selection and preparation, advising on which schools to apply to, and more.

“Acting is my way of exploring human nature and having fun at the same time.”

Meryl Streep

Acting Instruction

At Arts Detroit, we believe that the most effective actor is the one who communicates. While various method styles are presented through theatre history, we aim to help actors find their actions and intentions from a place of honesty and understanding.

We encourage students of all ages to study with us, and we are available for all types of coaching, whether it is working a monologue, preparing for an audition, simply improving one’s craft, and everything in between.

Private Lessons

An acting student that takes private lessons may work on monologues, script analysis, character building, technique, and more. We typically accept students ages 13+ to begin private lessons, but exceptions may be made.

Private lesson cost*:

30 minutes/week = $300 per quarter (three $100 payments)
45 minutes/week = $450 per quarter (three $150 payments)
1 hour / week = $600 per quarter (three $200 payments)
1 hr 15 min / week = $750 per quarter (three $250 payments)
1 hr 30 minutes / week = $900 per quarter (three $300 payments)

*students who commit to long-term enrollment receive a 10% discount (must be on auto pay)

Note that there is an additional charge for scripts, copies, supplemental material, performance opportunities, etc. Please see our payment policies for more information.

For the 2016-17 school year, our quarters are as follows (note that scheduled weeks off are not noted, but each quarter is exactly 11 weeks):

Fall Quarter: September 6 – November 21
Winter Quarter: November 28 – February 24
Spring Quarter: March 6 – May 26
Summer Quarter: June 12 – August 25

Group Classes

See our group instruction page.


College audition coaching

Through an umbrella organisation, The MT Project, we offer a mentoring service to high school students who wish to pursue theatre or musical theatre at the collegiate level.

College auditions are an extremely stressful time, and the unfortunately reality is that the most successful students are the ones who work with coaches. This is generally a very expensive service. If you’re going to work with an audition coach, you want to make sure that you’re working with someone who knows specifically about the college audition process, as it can be quite different from that of a professional audition. We aim to provide advice, answer questions, and be a general source of knowledge to students and parents throughout the process completely free of charge and offer individual coaching for a nominal fee, or at a reduced cost or even free to those who cannot afford it.

For more information, visit themtproject.org.

To enroll in private lessons or a group class, please call 313-427-2490

or use the form below to contact us!

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