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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo

Group Instruction

Arts Detroit is happy to offer a number of group classes for students of all ages.

Group classes run separately from our regular private lesson schedule. For fall 2017, we will run a condensed, 6-week session running November 1 – December 13 (no classes the week of Thanksgiving).

Enchanted Theatre (Ages 3-5)

Let your little one take center stage as they tell some of their favourite stories and fairytales. We will help developing performers (and those who aren’t so sure they’re ready for the spotlight) develop confidence as well as learn performing etiquette and basic stage technique through simplified improv and storytelling. Great for little princesses AND princes! We require a parent or guardian stay with their child during class each week.

Fairytale Theatre meets in the fall Wednesdays 5-5:30pm in the Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Kirsten

Cost for Session: $50 due October 23

Theatre & Performance (Ages 10-13)

This class focuses on acting techniques in a way which is easy and fun. Students will begin with a short warm up and theatre games, then rotate between work on improv, cold reading, and scene work. The goal of the class will be to give students a better sense of who they are as an artist and the confidence to communicate as an actor while on stage or during auditions.

Theatre & Performance meets in the fall Wednesdays 6:15-7pm in the Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Kirsten

Cost for Session: $75 due October 23

Young Actors (Ages 6-9)

This class focuses on introducing young performers to the stage through easy and fun acting games and exercises. Students will try improvising scenes and telling stories both with and without a script. The goal of the class will be to give students an idea of what it’s like to perform on stage, an introduction to who they are as an artist, and the confidence to be willing to make artistic choices.

Theatre & Performance meets in the fall Wednesdays 5:30-6:15pm in the Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Kirsten

Cost for Session: $75 due October 23

Acting Technique for Teens (13+)

A great way for busy high school students to improve on their craft. These classes all focus heavily on improv work with attention on focus and parter exercises. The greatest attention will be put on students communicating honestly while developing a character through their own sense of self. Every week will focus on a different area of stagework (cold reads, improv, scene sork, etc) as well as build a short scene throughout.

Acting Technique for Teens meets in the fall Saturdays 10:30-11:30am in the Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Adriane

Cost for Session: $100 due October 23

Frequently asked questions

Registration and payment questions

Can I register in person?

Not at this time. We switched to an online registration system to streamline the process. If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to stop in, and we can help get you set up, but all registrations must go through the below form and payment made with a credit card immediately upon registering.

Can I register and pay later?

No. All payments are due at the time your registration is submitted.

What if a class is cancelled?

Your payment will be refunded via PayPal, our payment processor.

How can I pay for a class?

You will be prompted to pay upon registering. We use PayPal as for our processor, and you don’t need to have an account to pay. PayPal gives you the option to pay through your bank account (you’ll need your routing and your account numbers) as well as all major credit cards.

Scheduling and attendance questions

Are there minimum and maximum numbers of students to run a class?

Yes. All classes require a minimum of 4 students to run and have a maximum of 8-10 students depending on the class. The only exception is show choir, which doesn’t have a maximum.

What if I'm running late dropping my child off?

We use the app Remind101, so if you’re running late, please use the app to text your instructor with your ETA. If you arrive late, assume that the teacher has already begun class, and you should take the necessary actions to warm yourself up. Students who arrives more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe rather than participate.

What is your attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend class regularly. If a student misses a class, there is no way for them to make it up, not will any monies be refunded. Any student who misses class in excess of 3 times per session may be removed by the instructor and/or be removed from performance opportunities. We ask that if you know you are going to miss class that you call or email the studio or your instructor so they may make adequate lesson plans for the class period.

What is your policy on observing my child's class?

Classes for very young students may stipulate a parent must attend each class or that it is recommended a parent stay; check class description upon registering. For older students, speak with your teacher directly if you wish to observe.

What if a class has to be cancelled?

If an instructor cannot make a class for any reason, every effort will be made to find a substitute. In the event one cannot be found, a class will be added on to the session.

Regarding inclement weather: As roads are usually cleared by the afternoon when lessons occur, Arts Detroit very rarely closes for bad weather. If the school districts close for inclement weather, do not assume that we are closed as well. In the event of inclement weather preventing a group class from running, that class will be cancelled without makeup under the premise of an ‘act of God.’ We will contact you via email or text by 1pm with weather related closings.

Specific class questions

Which acting class should my 13-year-old be in?

Quite honestly, they could do both if you like. In general, though, if your child has little to no theatre experience or is still developing their confidence on stage, they may be more comfortable in the Theatre and Performance class. Acting for Teens is better for choice for students who are comfortable on stage or are at least those who won’t be afraid to get up and try things which may be out of their comfort zone.

My child is 4-years-old. Should they be in Broadway Babies or Singing Stars?

We advertise it both ways, to be quite honest. There can be extraordinary developmental differences as young children age, and we trust you know your child best. 2.5 and 3 year olds should definitely be in Broadway Babies; 5 and 6 year olds should be in Singing Stars. We recommend that 4-year-olds go in Singing Stars, too, but if they’re a young 4 or you feel they’re not ready to be with the ‘bigger kids,’ we trust your judgement.

Will 'Piano Readiness' teach my child to play piano?

No. There is no piano instruction taught in Piano Readiness, however the children will have access to a piano and will get to try it out. The focus of the class is teaching musicianship basics like theory, simple note reading, and identifying notes on the keyboard.

Does the Theatre & Performance class perform a show at the end?

No. The purpose of the class is not necessarily to teach the students how to be on stage; it’s to teach them how to act and how to communicate. Those skills are the foundation on which performances are built and should be transferred when they’re on stage, but this class is to simply give them those tools and the confidence to use them.

My child has never danced/sang/acted before. Can they be in your show choir class?

Yes, of course! The idea is to enhance the overall skill sets of musical theatre, and we don’t expect any one child to be masters of them all. If your child has never, ever danced before, the class might be challenging, but it’s doable, and they’re welcome.

Register for Classes!

All registrations will be done through this form, but if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Classes not currently running

Arts Detroit has offered the below classes in the past. If you’re interested in them for the future, please let us know!

Group Vocal

Elementary Voice | Ages 7 to 8
Intermediate Voice | Ages 9 to 11
Advanced Voice | Ages 12 to 14
Students who aren’t quite ready or can’t yet commit to taking private lessons have the chance to sing at an age appropriate level. Learn proper breathing techniques, sight singing, and healthy vocal habits for different styles (classical, musical theatre, and pop).

Character & Scene Study (Ages 14+)

Half of the class will focus on a new play each week, students will learn how to quickly analyse a text and make decisions for cold reading and/or partner work. The other half will follow one play the entire five weeks where students will dive further into the details communicated through scenes and characters. Participants will have the goal of better understanding objectives, super objectives, and actions, as well as have the opportunity to bring the text to life through working scenes on their feet.

Singing Stars (Ages 4-6)

Learn the beginnings of healthy singing habits while having a blast performing Broadway hits and incorporating a little bit of movement (note they will not be learning choreography)! Your little ‘Stars’ will shine in learning stage etiquette and presence. We highly recommend a parent or guardian stay with their child during class each week. Students will perform in our Christmas Recital (Sunday, December 18), Spring Recital (Sunday, May 21), or Summer Recital (Sunday, August 20).

Singing Stars meets in the fall
Wednesdays 5:30-6pm i
n the
Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Kirsten

Cost for Session: $50 due October 23

Broadway Babies (Ages 2.5-3)

A mini version of our ‘Singing Stars’ program where we will focus on singing, storytelling, and movement. We will make fun and entertaining Broadway songs come alive that showcase your tiny performers! A parent or guardian must attend class with their child each week. Students will perform in our Christmas Recital (Sunday, December 18), Spring Recital (Sunday, May 21), or Summer Recital (Sunday, August 20).

Broadway Babies meets in the fall
Wednesdays 5-5:30pm
in the
Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Kirsten

Cost for Session: $50 due October 23

Group Guitar

For the beginning guitarist, this class will introduce basic technique, tuning, string identification, chords vs. fingerpicking, and simple songs on which students can accompany themselves. Students must bring their guitar each class.

Broadway Bound: Show Choir (Ages 7-12)

A true performing ensemble, students will be learning a little voice, a little dance, and a little acting! Each week, students warm up their voices and their bodies, then work on Broadway material which will help develop performance technique, healthy singing habits, vocal stamina. Some experience with ballet, jazz, or musical theatre styles of dance recommended. Students will perform in our Christmas Recital (Sunday, December 18), Spring Recital (Sunday, May 21), or Summer Recital (Sunday, August 20). Students will also be involved in other performance opportunities as they arise. (Students must have black leggings for performance and black jazz shoes for all classes and performances.)

Piano Readiness (Ages 4-9)

For the student who wants to try music before taking private piano lessons. Students will learn theory, note reading, and key identification through fun and age-appropriate music games and rhythm activities. No home piano necessary.
Piano Readiness meets during the Summer session
Tuesdays 5:30-6pm (ages 4-6) and 6-6:30 (ages 7-9) in the
Jennifer Garbovan Actors Studio | Instructor: Miss Karissa
Cost for Summer Session: $90 due June 1

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