“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo

Vocal Instruction

Arts Detroit focuses on classical voice instruction and specialises in singing for musical theatre performers. We teach in the bel canto school, which means ‘beautiful singing,’ and encourages healthy sound production, which works well for young voices.

While exceptions can be made depending on the child, we typically do not take singers younger than age 10 or 11 for private lessons (when a student’s voice begins to mature). Many teachers will not take students before the student’s voice has finished changing (yes, even girls’ voices change!), as this is a very delicate time for the developing instrument. If you choose to study with us, we will focus on enhancing the natural voice and promoting vocal health throughout the voice’s maturation. Again, adults are welcome to study with us!

Private Lessons

During private lessons, students are encouraged to learn healthy singing habits, regardless of age, that emphasises sustaining vocal production through breath control and an understanding of the muscles of your instrument. Age-appropriate material will be studied (regarding both content and difficulty) as well as technique.

Piano Instruction

At Arts Detroit, we offer a classically-based curriculum for students of all ages. Our approach focuses on learning from method books for beginning and intermediate students, with an emphasis on technique and theory. We offer both group classes and private lessons.

Students as young as 4-years-old may begin taking lessons with us, given they have the ability to count to 10 and know the alphabet. Adults are welcome here, too!

Private Lessons

Students as young as 4 may begin taking private lessons, though we encourage starting any student between the age of 4 and 9 in our Piano Readiness program to give them an idea of what it is like to study an instrument, give them a foundation in theory, and make sure taking lessons is something they truly want to do before making the investment.

Any student taking private piano lessons must have access to a home piano or full-sized keyboard in order to practice properly. Parents are highly encouraged, especially with younger students, to sit in on the lesson and be engaged with the child’s learning in order to help them practice at home.

Please note there is a $20 registration fee per family; for more information, see our Policies and Procedures page.

For pricing and to enquire about private lessons, please use the contact form below or email info@artsdetroit.org; alternately you may call or text 313-427-2490 (Allen Park) or call 734-926-3020 (Plymouth).

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